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Create your perfect lodge that seamlessly blends with your vision.

On-Site Build

Eliminate haulage costs with a convenient on-site build option.

Factory Build

Factory build options available to avoid noise disruption on-site.


Built with SIPs for energy efficiency, durability & year-round comfort.

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Welcome to the Future of Golf Club Luxury

Ever imagined walking into your golf club venue and seeing it transformed into a beacon of luxury, efficiency, and sustainability? We make that dream a reality. Our specialty lies in designing and creating luxury spaces for golf clubs using the innovative Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology. Imagine the possibilities with us!

Why Choose SIP for Your Venue?

  • Efficiency at Its Best: Say goodbye to sky-high energy bills! Our SIP constructions are designed to keep your venue warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while keeping energy costs down.
  • Speedy Construction: We know time is money. That’s why our SIP constructions are faster to erect, meaning less downtime for your venue and a quicker turnaround to wow your members.
  • Strength & Durability: Our structures stand the test of time, offering you a space that not only looks good but lasts longer.
  • Custom Luxury: Your vision is our blueprint. From modern clubhouses to serene locker rooms and elegant event spaces, we tailor every inch to suit the unique vibe of your golf club.

Our Process: Dream, Design, Deliver

  • Dream Together: Let’s start with your vision. What’s your dream for your golf club venue? More warmth, more luxury, more wow?
  • Design with Precision: With your dream in hand, we craft a design that blends your vision with our SIP technology, ensuring elegance and efficiency.
  • Deliver Beyond Expectations: Watch as we bring the design to life, transforming your golf club into a luxury venue that speaks volumes of your commitment to excellence.

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